Where’s my refund?!?

“When will I get my refund?”

This is one of the most popular questions people ask me.  It is also one of my least favorite questions because I can’t answer it.  (If you ask me this during the last few weeks of busy season when my hair is on fire, I will likely utter an obscenity and put your email in the “low priority” folder.)  Once I efile a return and the IRS accepts it, refund timing is out of my hands.  The IRS says 3-6 weeks, but sometimes it’s shorter or longer.

Help Me Help You

I have a solution for people who get a little impatient.  The IRS website has this handy tool called “Where’s My Refund?“.  You need some information found on your tax return, so have that handy when you go to the website.  It will give you the refund status and a projected disbursement date.  Easy-peasy and you don’t tick off your CPA.

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